I’M Arriel Biggs

Momager Business Coach

Helping Moms and Young Entrepreneurs Build Personal Brands and Influence

I’M Arriel Biggs

Momager Business Coach

Helping Moms and Young Entrepreneurs Build Personal Brands and Influence

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Learn How To Leverage Your Child's Personal Brand To Position Them To Make Money and Impact!

Discover the ICB method we’re using to help Momagers and Kidpreneurs consistently grow their business, attract more customers and make more money!.

Who is Coaching For?

If you are a momagers of a kidpreneur and you are looking to grow their personal brand, get aligned within your community while making money and impact!

Moms that are motived to take their child's brand to another level.

Moms that are looking to help their child do good within their community

Moms that are looking for a proven method that works

Moms that are looking for support and a community of

like-minded moms.

About Me

Arriel Biggs is the founder of Young Biz Kidz and (YBK Day), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower young people by engaging and encouraging financial literacy and entrepreneurship in youth. She believes that teaching financial education through entrepreneurship is a great way to introduce smart money habits early.

In addition to providing income, Arriel wants all to know that entrepreneurship teaches effective communication,

personal responsibilities, and problem solving skills. It also builds self-esteem and strong relationships making it a great resource economically, academically and socially.

Initially focusing on educating her own children entrepreneurial success, Arriel soon realized that other parents could also use guidance in helping their children become business owners. She now offers services to educate, empower and equip parents with the self-confidence to support their Biz Kid through her program The Young Influencer Blueprint.

Arriel is a mentor, child advocate, parent advisor and public speaker. She has received many accolades for being a phenomenal woman entrepreneur and has been requested to share her knowledge with local, national and international audiences.

Arriel has taken her role as Mom Boss to another level and began empowering moms and families to become the boss in their lives.


She’s able to hold a conversation, listen to business your ideas, and she immediately has a solution or some feedback. She has a way of motivating others and transferring her positive energy into them. She was calm and soft spoken, but her energy was loud and vigorous.

Arriel is very motivating and gives you so much encouragement, she doesn’t mind when you say you don’t know, she says that’s ok that’s why I’m here , let’s figure it out together . She’s helping us figure out who out target customers are and how to get to the money . I recommend Arriel if you need help with your business plan and getting to the money . She’s very patient as well , a great quality for a coach .

She is truly GREAT at what she does, and to know her is to love her! Someone who gets lost in the passion behind seeing others accomplish their goals… she is someone that I feel many people should work with, no matter what field of expertise you’re interested in. She can help you from mapping it all out, to marketing, to just bringing ideas out of you that you never knew were a possibility.

Coaching Services

Brand With Arriel

Let Arriel and her team walk you through publishing your child's brand in a children book in a 12 week step by step program!

The Young Influencer Blueprint

Let Arriel and her team walk you through how to build your child's personal brand and influence in as little as six months.

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